Alaskan Teamster Sisters

The Alaskan Teamster Sisters Scavenger Hunt 2018 has come to a close. We’ve had an incredible three months getting to know our Sisters and meeting new ones.  We’ve all learned a lot and know there is a great unity within our Sisterhood!  Thank you to all those who played and to those that followed and supported the players!

The winner of the travel package to the 2018 IBT Women’s Conference in Orlando, FL is Teamster Sister, Kristine Bollinger!  Sister Bollinger is part of the Alaska Railroad bargaining unit and works as a mechanic.


We have a lot of other fun events in store this year!

Be sure to reach out to your Teamster sisters that are members in good standing and ask them to join the Alaskan Teamster Sisters group by emailing at or joining our private Facebook group, Alaskan Teamster Sisters.