Training Trust

The Training Trust employs a full-time training staff dedicated to serving the membership with access to quality; pertinent, equitable and timely training; and up-to-date, vocationally oriented training programs.

Courses offered include hazardous materials for shipping and handling, entry level and commercial driver training, OSHA health and safety, first aid/CPR, NSTC, forklift, flagging, Microsoft and Adobe products business applications, and a number of other training courses.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for training or the courses offered, please contact your local ATESTT office, Anchorage (907) 278-3674 or Fairbanks (907) 479-8451. For the calendar of upcoming training and programs visit them at

To receive training through the Training Trust, you must have worked 400 hours through an Employer who contributed to the Training Trust through a Collective Bargaining Agreement within the past 24-month period, or have a firm offer of employment from a participating Employer.

The Trust is administered by a joint Board of Trustees. The Board is comprised of an equal number of Employer representatives and employee (Union) representatives.