Alaska Labor Independent Voter Education

Alaska Labor Independent Voter Education (ALIVE)

As even the most casual study of labor history would confirm, the importance of political action by organized labor has been apparent for hundreds of years. Labor unions have adopted political action as a legitimate tool to secure and protect the rights and benefits for which we have fought so hard. Through the use of political action, labor unions have demanded, and won, new laws to protect the working men, women, and children of this country. The battles were long, hard, and bloody, but the results were revolutionary. Child labor laws put an end to children ten or twelve years of age working in coal mines, steel mills, etc. It became mandatory for employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The forty-hour workweek became the standard, down from the seventy-hour week your grandfather worked.

Through political action, labor unions secured other laws such as the Minimum Wage Law, Unemployment Compensation, Equal Pay for Equal Work, Davis-Bacon, Affirmative Action, and a host of others. These laws made the American worker one of the best paid, best protected workers in the world. Don’t think for a minute that because these battles were fought ten, thirty, or sixty years ago, that the war is over. Labor unions are in a constant battle to keep what has been won over the years. There are political forces at work that would turn the clock back fifty years if they had their way and it is our responsibility, as a labor union and as individual union members, to fight them at every turn. Local 959 accomplishes this through its political action committee, ALIVE (Alaska Labor Independent Voter Education). Take some time to get acquainted with the ALIVE committee, make sure you are registered to vote, and do your part as a union member to ensure that you, your children, and grandchildren enjoy a safe work environment and decent wages.

If you are interested in serving on the ALIVE committee or would like more information, please contact ALIVE Representative Derek Musto at: (907) 751-8519 or E-mail at

We encourage you to contact your elected representatives and ask them to support labor-friendly bills and oppose legislation that could harm working men and women. The following links will put you in touch with your elected representative’s Web sites and allow you to track current and pending legislation:


Senator Lisa Murkowski:
Congressman Don Young:

To contact your State Senator or Representative, go to the Alaska State Legislature page at To E-mail a State Senator, click on State Senate then the senator’s name. You will find an E-mail link near the bottom of the page. To email a State Representative, click on State House of Representatives then the representative’s name. Again, you will find an E-mail link near the bottom of the page. To track current or pending legislation click on BASIS or ALEXsys.