About Us

Teamsters Local 959 represents over 5,000 members at over 100 employers across the state of Alaska. Members of Local 959 cover almost every profession imaginable. We are your friends, family, and neighbors:

  • Airline pilots
  • Bus Drivers
  • Communications Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Hospital Staff
  • Office Staff
  • Surveyors
  • Truck Drivers
  • Warehouse and Maintenance Workers

If you can think of a job, there is probably a Local 959 member performing it somewhere in our state.

The strength of our union is our membership.  The active participation of Local 959 members is instrumental in helping to achieve industry-leading contracts that ensure that your wages, benefits, and working conditions are protected.

Our mission:  To passionately provide a voice to the membership, empower and unite workers with integrity and an unwavering dedication to economic and social justice. We organize, educate and lead collective and political action to protect and expand the rights, wages, and benefits of working families. This is your Union.

Teamsters Local 959 is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, check out the link for frequently asked questions.


How to Join Local 959