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  • December 22, 2023

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  • October 24, 2022

EARLY VOTING STARTS TODAY! Let us be your resource hub for the election! Please check out the links below on how to vote early, new State House and Senate Districts, Teamster-endorsed Candidates, & how Ranked Choice Voting works. Feel free to contact our Political Coordinator, Patrick FitzGerald if you have any questions about this election cycle at or 907-230-8809.

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  • June 30, 2022

Here is a step-by-step look at Alaska’s new election system. This video breaks down the process of how ranked-choice voting works, how votes are tabulated, and the process of determining a winner. If you have any questions please reach out to Local 959’s Political Coordinator, Patrick FitzGerald via email at or by phone at (907)-230-8809.

  • April 3, 2022

AT&T FAILS TO CONNECT WITH THEIR EMPLOYEES Over the last few months, out of state AT&T Labor Relations personnel have met with negotiation teams representing their employees and have failed to come to an agreement. A company that consistently sends emails of their record profits, and survival through a global pandemic refuses to recognize the needs of their employees who earn them those high benchmarks. With record gas prices, inflation, and the greatest need for cellular and internet connection in history, AT&T feels its employees are only worth giving a 1% wage increase over three years. That means three years of experience does not equate to a full dollar wage increase. Considering inflation, an employee is making less after three years than when they started working for the company. The biggest disappointment is that AT&T’s labor relations continue to avoid addressing this major issue. They continue to operate in a dilatory manner and negotiate in bad faith. They continually dismiss agreed-upon rules set at the beginning of the negotiation process which has resulted in the filing of four unfair labor practice charges. For the sake of the workers and customers please urge AT&T to negotiate fairly so hard-working Alaskans can have the quality of life that every Alaskan deserves.

  • March 7, 2022

TEAMSTERS LOCAL 959 STANDS IN SOLIDARITY WITH THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS ON STRIKE AT TAIHEIYO CEMENT IN SEATTLE, WA. Alaska Teamsters stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the country in activating open protest against CalPortland for their actions and unlawful conduct that has destabilized the construction industry in Seattle, Washington. Local 959 members are calling on Japan-based Taiheiyo Cement to encourage its U.S. subsidiary, CalPortland, to bargain in good faith and immediately end the concrete strike that has negatively affected up to 15,000 workers in the Seattle area. The demonstration will be held outside the Japanese consulate to influence CalPortland’s parent company Taiheiyo, a nationalized Japanese cement producer. Similar demonstrations are being conducted nationwide at Japan’s various diplomatic offices.

CalPortland has neglected their employees and their families during a national pandemic with loss of healthcare, and unnecessary layoffs. In a time when infrastructure funding is flowing through communities and good-paying jobs are being dispatched, CalPortland chooses to put the welfare of their employees and their families at the bottom of their list of concerns. CalPortland concrete workers have been on strike for over three months.

Until this company agrees to abandon its union-busting tactics and make the decision to bargain in good faith, we will continue to support our membership, and apply pressure to places like the Japanese consulate which can help end these tactics.

  • January 26, 2022


  • November 19, 2021


Further postings can be found in the Fairbanks Newsminer and the Anchorage Daily News.

  • November 8, 2021

Infrastructure Bill Passes House to Be Signed by President Biden!

The United States House of Representatives passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act late Friday night on November 5th. The bipartisan infrastructure package will invest $550 Billion dollars into U.S. infrastructure over the next five years. It is the largest infrastructure package in a generation and will add 2 million jobs per year over the lifespan of the five-year funding.

As Teamsters we have a lot to gain from this investment in our infrastructure. Smoother roads, rebuilt ports, and the creation of more jobs with living wages are our paramount priorities for our brothers and sisters.

How the funding works: The $550 Billion dollars will be dispersed into existing programs that are available for federal grants to be awarded to every state. As money is transferred from the federal government to these grant programs, Alaska will create proposals for the state’s infrastructure priorities. Those proposals are reviewed by the program administrators who will grant, adjust, or deny the proposals. Once the proposal is granted, money will start to flow.

Click HERE for a funding list provided by Senator Murkowski’s office upon request from Teamsters Local 959.

We encourage you to contact your elected representatives and ask them to support labor-friendly bills and oppose legislation that could harm working men and women. The following links will put you in touch with your elected representatives Web sites and allow you to track current and pending legislation:



To contact your State Senator or Representative, go to the Alaska State Legislature page at

To E-mail a State Senator, click on State Senate then the senator’s name. You will find an E-mail link near the bottom of the page.


To E-mail a State Representative, click on State House of Representatives then the representative’s name. Again, you will find an E-mail link near the bottom of the page. To track current or pending legislation click on BASIS and enter the bill number or keyword from the legislation.