Job Opening

Job Added07/06/2021
Job TitleDriver/Material Handler
Job LocationValdez
Wage & Benefits$31.74/hr.& benefits
Job DetailsWork is performed on a 1 week on shift and 1 week off rotation. Work hours are subject to change, but are normally 11.5 hours per day and 7 days per week. there is no housing or periderm on this job.  

Specific Responsibilities: have working knowledge of End Dumps, Side Dumps, Belly Dumps, Rock Trucks, Vacuum Trucks, Mud Dogs, Boom Trucks, Mixer Trucks and Freight Hauling; ensure compliance with all applicable safety practices, environmental regulations, and company policies and procedures; ensures al paperwork is completely timely and accurately; enters all pertinent data into the Computer database as outline in appropriate procedures; ensures standard housekeeping practices are followed; operate equipment within their qualifications as assigned by Baseline Foreman and other equipment that is part of the Oil Spill Contingency Plan; off load trash, dunnage, and tools from returning Oil Spill Equipment; inventory, inspect for damage, perform routine repairs to and maintain oil spill containment and clean up equipment staged in lay down yards and/ or OSCP Buildings; operate work boats and accessory equipment, but only after being qualified as being competency in operating or maintaining that specific type of marine equipment as related to Oil Spill Response Training; complete all required safety training, as defined on TCC Oil Spill Responder Training in utilization, maintenance, and deployment of oil spill containment and clean up equipment ; perform pre-inspection checklist on assigned equipment prior to start of shift; ability to recognize safety and equipment mechanical issues; working knowledge of TAPS MR 48, SA 38 and EN 43; maintain good housekeeping inside operating cab of assigned equipment;  ability to tie down loads during freight or equipment hauling per DOT Standards; maintain good housekeeping inside operating cabs of assigned equipment; operate a variety of equipment to remove snow from parking lots, drive lanes, air ports,  loading docks, buildings walk way, and walking working surfaces; including sanding equipment.

Minimum Job Requirements: Being a member in good standing with the Teamsters Local 959; current and valid driver’s license with proper CDL Endorsement; must be capable of responding accurately and quickly to both written and oral instructions from the Foreman; must be willing to work as part of a team; must maintain clean driving record in accordance with the TCC Employee Union handbook: Vehicle use, Policy B-10; demonstrate high level of communication skills.

Applicants must be registered with the Union, have a current dues receipt and a current resume on file in the Anchorage dispatch office that reflects the qualifications required by the Employer, to be referred by the Union.