Job Opening

Job Added 05/25/2021
Job Title Grounds Maintenance Laborer
Employer Facility Services Management, Inc.
Job Location JBER Hospital
Wage & Benefits $20.34/hr. & benefits
Job Details Responsibilities: cut lawn, trim & edge around walks, flower beds & walls; prune shrubs & trees to shape & improve growth or remove damaged leaves, branches or twigs; spray lawn, shrubs & trees with fertilizer, herbicides & insecticides; rake & bag or burn leaves; clean grounds & remove litter; shovel snow from walks & driveways; spread salt on public passage ways to prevent ice buildup; plant grass, flowers, trees & shrubs; water lawn & shrubs; repair fences, gates, walls & walks; paint fences & outbuildings; clean out drainage ditches & culverts; sharpen tools such as weed cutters, edging tools & shears; make minor repairs on equipment such as lawn mower, spreader & snow removal equipment; other duties as assigned.

A complete job description is available in the Anchorage dispatch office. Applicants must be registered with the Union, have a current dues receipt and a current resume on file in the Anchorage dispatch office that reflects the qualifications required, to be referred for by the Union. Applicants must be able to pass background check to be able to work on JBER.

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