Letters to the Editor
Letter: AT&T workers need a fair contract
By Patrick FitzGerald, Political Coordinator, Teamsters Local 959
Updated: April 11, 2022 Published: April 11, 2022

Over the past few months, out-of-state AT&T labor relations personnel have met with negotiation teams representing their employees and have failed to come to an agreement. A company that consistently sends emails about their record profits and survival through a global pandemic refuses to recognize the need of their employees who earn them those high benchmarks.

Despite record gas prices, inflation and the greatest need for cellular and internet connection in history, AT&T feels its employees are only worth giving a 1% wage increase over three years. That means that three years’ experience does not equate to a full dollar-per-hour wage increase. Considering inflation, an employee is making less after three years than when they started working for the company.

The biggest disappointment is that AT&T labor relations continues to avoid addressing this major issue. They continue to operate in a dilatory manner and negotiate in bad faith. They continually dismiss agreed-upon rules set at the beginning of the negotiation process, which has resulted in the filing of four unfair labor practice charges. For the sake of the workers and customers, please urge AT&T to negotiate fairly so hard-working Alaskans can have the quality of life that every Alaskan deserves.

— Patrick FitzGerald

Teamsters Local 959

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