Job Opening

Job TitlePension Representative
EmployerAlaska Teamster-Employer Service Corporation (ESC)
Job LocationAnchorage – on site, in office, no remote work
Wage & Benefits$27.00/hr. & benefits
Job DetailsJob Summary: Is responsible for calculating and explaining pension benefit amounts and options to participants.  Process retirements of new and returning retirees, process death benefits, process accounts with qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), retroactive calculations for retirees who have worked additional hours or have additional benefits due because of plan changes, benefit option changes and record essential information in the check writer system so proper payment may be made.  Reports to Lead Pension Representative and Administrator.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Prepare benefit estimates for participants
  • Explain status in pension plan to participants
  • Compute retirement benefits for new retirees or verify computations of other staff, including offset calculations for QDRO assignments
  • Process new retirements in custodian payment center for monthly pension checks
  • Input all changes for retirees and beneficiaries in custodian payment center, including address changes, tax change
  • Update participant and retiree data in TPA and custodian client portals
  • Process stop payments and reissue benefit checks
  • Adjust retirement benefit amounts for additional hours or Plan changes
  • Stop and resume retirement benefits as retirees return to work or resume retirement
  • Process death benefits for active participants and retirees; recover improperly paid benefits, if applicable upon notification of a death
  • Review qualified domestic relations orders and work with parties to draft qualified orders
  • Routinely review retirees to insure they remain in retirement status
  • Collectively review Suspendible Employment determinations;  notify participant of determination (denial or approval)
  • Prepare appeals to be presented to the Administrative Committee, notify participant of the outcome
  • Locate missing vested inactive participants
  • Review death audits on vested inactive participants and retirees
  • Research of discrepancies for each Pension plan year actuarial valuation
  • Testing and issue resolution for Annual Benefit Statements
  • Monitor accuracy of systems utilized by Pension Trust for calculations and record keeping
  • Work with staff of 3rd party administration office to resolve errors with data source for the Pension calculation system
  • Work with Actuaries on annual valuation
  • Prepare and process Annual Certification Forms

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:              

  • Strong customer service skills
  • High proficiency of excel knowledge
  • Ability to perform with interruptions
  • Ability to effectively communicate complex issues in both written and verbal form
  • Ability to understand the Plan Document and articulate Plan provisions to participants
  • Knowledge of ERISA, the governing law
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to work with multiple software applications
  • Proficient knowledge of accounting standards and math skills

Qualifications: High School graduate or higher education, minimum of 3 years of clerical office experience, high proficiency with MS Office Suite. Under ERISA, the ESC is prohibited from hiring and employing convicted felons. Background checks will be conducted on all employees.

Submit resume to: Dennie Castillo