Job Opening

Job TitleSignal Maintainer
EmployerPacific & Arctic Railways & Navigations (White Pass Yukon route)
Job LocationSkagway
Wage & Benefits$44.94 & benefits
Job DetailsJob Duties: Install, inspect, and repair wayside signals; performs skilled work in connection with the inspection, testing, troubleshooting, maintenance, operation, alteration and repair of wayside signal systems; detect signal deviations and defects, and implement remedial action or mitigation efforts; use and operate the tools, computerized diagnostic equipment, and field equipment as required; mechanically adjust switch gears, mechanical throws, spring rods, electrical cams, and related switch hardware; make minor repairs, supervise crews to repair defects, or coordinate repairs with others; inspect completed work to verify conformance to standards; prepare inspection reports for management and federal regulators; know and apply applicable rules, regulations, and policies; perform other tasks necessary to the efficient operation of the railroad; manage other projects and perform other duties as assigned.

Required Skills and/or Experience:  Knowledge of FRA Track Safety Standards; knowledge of Roadway Worker Protection rules; ability to learn and understand WPY track safety standards; ability to learn and understand WPY operating rules including CROR; willingness and ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions including freezing temperatures; willingness and ability to work holidays, days, and nights; ability to lift 75 pounds; carry and use tools such as spike mauls, claw bars, lining bars, track  jacks, spiking guns (jackhammers) & other tools normally associated with track work and other right of way maintenance; valid driver’s license and a willingness to obtain CDL.

 Required Education and/or Credentials: High school diploma or GED; minimum three years of railroad track work experience, electrical system experience, or combination thereof.

All applicants must be registered with the Union, have a current resume on file in the dispatch office, that reflects the qualifications required by the Employer to be referred to the employer by the Union.