Job Opening

Job Added 6/12/2020
Job Title Warehouse Person (5)
Employer Safeway Warehouse
Job Location Anchorage
Wage & Benefits $18.73hr & Benefits
Job Details These are summer hire only positions, with the slight possibility of becoming permanent. Work is six (6) days per week (no exceptions), Sunday through Friday. Must be able to lift 50-70 lbs. continually 10/12 hrs. a day; must have a State ID or current driver’s license; pass pre-employment testing; Safeway cannot hire anyone with a felony record. All applicants must be registered with the Union, have a current dues receipt, a current resume (to be taken to the interview), a dispatch (Referral Slip) from the Union dispatch office and an interview time (scheduled by the Anchorage dispatcher), to be considered for these positions.
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